David Thomas passes away

David Thomas, the influential yacht designer of United Kingdom, has passed away. At the beginning of this year, Royal Southern Yacht Club arranged their 1st David Thomas meet in celebration of this yacht designer, who had been a club member for forty five years.

The primary speaker was Peter Poland, the PBO contributor, a long standing buddy of David Thomas’, who made several of his designs as of Hunter Boats’ co-owner. He stated that Thomas has an natural understanding of what sailors look for – he has been Pied Piper of yacht architects, that is his secret.

He added that people from every divisions of sailing have sailed out on a David Thomas design, with a Yacht charter company in Oban saying the designs would go on forever. Also, he is responsible for the biggest one design fleet in Round Island Race history, 105 Sigma 33s, a record which would never be beaten.

Cowes’ Royal London Yacht Club, Isle of Wight also runs a David Thomas inspired regatta. You can made your tribute on – YBW.com forum.

According to reports, Tim Bennett stated that United Kingdom’s most prolific and arguable the best keel boat designer has passed away. He had the style of combining stunning designs with an uncanny insight into understanding what sailors wanted from their vessels. He also stated that he was a great guy.

One of the Forum users posted:  ‘One of the greatest designers of all time and a smashing bloke as well.

‘It will be a long time before we see his like again. RIP.’