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Olympic Solidarity Funds Project, Sailing Latvia Begins

The Developing National Sport Systems Project-Vision 2020 funded by the Olympic Solidarity has been kicked off by Sailing Latvia. The main purpose of developing this is for creating a sustainable national training program for sailing in the country. The project work began on 29th November this year. An opening ceremony officially started the project at Riga. That followed some meetings and exercises involving the finding of several facts.

Seven coaches were present there representing three sports. The national network of clubs has come together to work under the supervision of Tim Cross, who is the nominated expert from the World Sailing organization. Inga Jakobsone, who is the Project Manager at Sailing Latvia, has too joined hands with them for confirming the blueprint of the project. The implementation of it will happen in the course of the next six months. This initiative will ensure that a recognized pathway is developed so that entry-level participation increases and grows.

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M-Class Race at Akarana Series

Last weekend of March 2019 saw the Akarana series held by Royal yacht club of the region. When the M-class was racing, it was the final day and it was clear that Menace was in leading position. Second, in line was Matara. It was evident that both boats would fight out in the final races.

On 31st March, Sunday Marksman was a boat that was also due to race but they called it off since they felt that the forecasts, as well as race course conditions, were not favorable. The racing happened even then. There were initial winds blowing at 28 knots through the breeze settled later at 20 knots which made it comfortable for the boats to race.
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The Residents Of Mississauga Are Competing In The Regatta Of International Sailing

Dylan Scott is the resident of Mississauga and he competed in a sailing for Canada. The event was the International Regatta China Cup (CCIR). It took place on November 8-12. In the competition, the Canadians were pitted opposite the professional sailors hailing from all over the world. And this included the champions of America’s Cup, such as the champs of New Zealand Team Emirates and the champions of Australia, Russia, South Africa, Philippines, and Tunisia.

The event was of four days and in the event over a hundred boats participated in many classes. The boat raced for all four-day to secure their position in the event and this included the Beneteau 40.7 class. This was the class in which Scott took part and sailed. Scott performance was great and he was chosen by Mike Evans, the Canadian team Captain and also the veteran sailor of China Cup five times. In addition to that six more sailors from Canada took part to handle the 12-person boat team. Rest four positions in every team were kept aside for the local sailors who have the good knowledge sailing along with the coastline of China as well as in the ocean.
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Hamilton Island Race Week: “My One Of The Favorite Sailing Events In The World” Says Yachting Great

As the fleet for Hamilton Island Race Week 2018 is climbing towards 200 and more beyond it, one of the world’s most prominent of all Olympics, America’s Cup and offshore sailors, Gavin Brady, has been delivering a more resounding endorsement for the tropical series.

He exclaimed “Hamilton Island Race Week is one of my favorite sailing events in the world.”
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Volvo Ocean Race Commences 22nd October

The Volvo Ocean Race is considered to be a penultimate sport in the category of team sailing. It starts this Sunday, 22nd October 2017 and there would be seven sailing teams that would sail around the world and start off from the starting line which is in Alicante on the Spanish coast.

The race will continue till June 2018 and the crews will embark to sailing a race course of 45000 nautical miles. There would be extremes to cover in the Southern Ocean and other challenging weather conditions. The Dongfeng race team would be skippered by Charles Caudrelier was also in the race last time and he is in a position to compare the race conditions as per last time. Dee Caffari is a woman skipper who would be debuting in this position along with a crew of young sailors in the Turn the Tide on Plastic.

The other teams are Team Sun Hung Kai which would be skippered by David Witt, who is motivated to take on this challenge and feels that it would be a great way to lose weight. Brad Jackson on the other hand, part of AkzoNobel team is a recent recruit and he looks forward to working with his under 30s team on board. Xabi Fernandez is skipper of Mapfre team and is considered to be a favorite among the followers of the race. Bouwe Bekking would be leading Team Brunel and he is one of the returning skippers on this team.

Charlie Enright would be skipper of Vestas 11th Hour Racing and has an experienced team on board.  All in all, the skippers and the teams are ready and everyone looks forward to a competitive game. That is what would keep the spirits up and keep everyone working towards doing their best when out in the waters.

David Thomas passes away

David Thomas, the influential yacht designer of United Kingdom, has passed away. At the beginning of this year, Royal Southern Yacht Club arranged their 1st David Thomas meet in celebration of this yacht designer, who had been a club member for forty five years.

The primary speaker was Peter Poland, the PBO contributor, a long standing buddy of David Thomas’, who made several of his designs as of Hunter Boats’ co-owner. He stated that Thomas has an natural understanding of what sailors look for – he has been Pied Piper of yacht architects, that is his secret. Continue reading