25 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht in the World 2014

  1. Ragna Rok

    No man should be able to afford that kind of luxury but sadly there are
    many who can. World is badly constructed, these mogul parasites feed on
    rest of population, and the only good thing is they can’t take those
    precious items with them to other side.

  2. Maria Rodriguez

    How much do these men actually use these boats…especially now with gas
    prices sooo high?

  3. James Barker

    I call BS on at least the last one. At the current price of gold, it’d cost
    £2,500,000,000 (£2.5 bil) for the gold alone. Now that’s 100,000x kilo
    priced at around £25,000 per kg. I suspect you may be able to get it a bit
    cheaper in bulk, so lets knock off say 5%, as really gold doesn’t
    fluctuate. that’s still £2.375bn. Not to mention platinum makes up for some
    of that gold cost, which is more expensive again. Now factor in the cost of
    meteorites and dinosaur bones, (the prices of which are unfortunately not
    so readily available, however I imagine in comparison, are surprisingly
    cheap) and then the cost of the god damn yacht and you’re probably looking
    at £3bn, which translated into dollars, is more. idk how much more, above
    the price quoted. Also in the picture I don’t see any gold, which when
    you’ve spent enough money to employ 100,000 people for a year on above
    average salary in the UK is quite a disappointment. Unless he just thought
    the crew needed their faces rubbed in it more and layed out all the crews
    quarters in solid gold, leaving him with the far more palatable – wood. 

  4. Joe Liew

    history supreme is so useless compare to the other’s, if I were Robert kuok
    I will get Al Said.

  5. adad

    There is only 1 American!! Are Americans poor or what? Why do they complain
    about inequality so much?

  6. Jaime Librado

    Wow the entry video graphics used here is so popular that even I use it
    before a year ago.

  7. htesmith

    I am afraid this list is utter nonsense! The History Supreme was a hoax and
    was never built! Some fools believed it including the British press (Daily
    Mail). Most of the prices are completely wrong for the others!

    Most of these are old and wouldn’t be considered to be in the top ten with
    their current market values.

    The cost of building a yacht is very different to its current value… e.g.
    the 2004 85.2m DELMA built by Neorion is asking €53,000,000. Whereas the
    2010 85.6m /281ft CAKEWALK by Derecktor Shipyards is asking €119,000,000.

    For clarity the biggest modern yachts are:

    Azzam – Lurssen Custom 180m /591ft 2013
    Eclipse – Blohm + Voss Custom 162.5m /533ft 2010
    Dubai – Platinum Yachts Custom 162m /531ft 2005
    Al Said – Lurssen Custom 155m /509ft 2008
    Topaz – Lurssen Custom 147.25m /483ft 2012
    Yas – ADM Shipyards Conversion 141m /463ft 2013
    Al Salamah – Lurssen Custom 139.29m /457ft 1999
    Rising Sun – Lurssen Custom 138.37m /454ft 2004
    Serene – Fincantieri Custom 133.9m /439ft 2011
    Al Mirqab – Kusch Yachts Custom 133.2m /437ft 2008

    For more awesome yachts go to http://www.cecilwright.com

  8. Jamie Sykes

    Last one is fake, proven by many magazines and reports, was an idea that’s
    didn’t follow through 

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