Timeline For World Championship

If you are thinking about competing in a regatta for the World Championship, there are certain challenges that one need to be prepared to take and that would need certain practice and preparation.

It is best to seek the advice from experts and hence there has been a recent forum of 24 experts whose views have been put together in order to help teams know the essentials on how to prepare for a regatta at world level.

There is a timeline that needs to be followed in such cases and the activities for preparation need to be planned accordingly. The main timeline for preparation should be ten to six months before the main event comes up. According to Plainsailing.com, the team which would be sailing need to focus on the journey ahead to the sailing event.

Also the team will understand the logistics involved and issues that need to be addressed. The team should be defined by this period. The responsibilities of the different team members need to be defined and the schedule should be set up for the year so that the members can commit to the same. There need to be defined days for training, racing and travel.

The check on equipment is a vital step. From sails to spars, rigging, team gear and parts or accessories need to be checked and re accessed even if you have the necessary equipment in place. There might be latest sails that need to be set up or tuning tips that need to be taken. The events and goals that you wish to pursue should be defined. The on-board hardware needs to be given special attention. Often many parts would need replacement and maintenance. Running and standing rigging need to be reviewed. The team should have adequate gear as per the water, weather and racing conditions that would be faced.