25 thoughts on “Greatest Boat Crashes – boating, yachting, shipping, sailing

  1. captainjack28

    yes you are right – very cool – they have the full length vids and full
    slide show showing the accidents and crazyness

  2. boredominducedvids

    man i wish i could know how some of those things went down. seriously, some
    of them just seem impossible!!!

  3. chrissz369

    lmao that was sum funny crashes lol but all 2gether i bet that all those
    boats n stuff came 2 a total of like hmmm $8 billion hahaha

  4. elockcaj

    54 seconds, how the heck do you do that? Sink it in port, and it looks like
    it was docked because its tied up?

  5. youtubaptista

    Don´t now the name of the music, but you will find it in on the “Schindlers
    List” soundtrack.

  6. richard michael

    1:15 absolutely gutted. out of all the places in the sea haha. and i agree
    with the guy below, how the hell did they land perfectly on a rock? haha

  7. calmtoday28

    yes i thought the same thing – but you can go to the site and see
    everything – They have a ton of funny boating videos also

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