14 thoughts on “Delta 80 from Motor Boat & Yachting

  1. Matt M

    Very nice. Well done……
    I will retire owning a vessel of this size. But this vessel is way to nice
    for me.

  2. shananagans5

    Amazing technical achievement but I don’t see the point in these larger
    fast boats. The range is to short to really be practical & if you simply
    want the thrill of going fast a smaller boat can go faster & gives you more
    of a sensation of speed.
    Like I said. I am truly impressed with the technical achievement but I see
    a very narrow range of practical use. If your weekend playground is 300 or
    400 miles away & you want to get there quick, have a few days to relax &
    get home quick, great, this boat will do it but overall it’s not practical
    for cruising. 

  3. John Salazar

    Wow, I’m impressed! nice open design, I loved the helm area but did not
    like how they closed the galley in with the upper cabinets. I’ve been
    noticing that hydraulic swim platform on several brands of boats and that’s
    pretty slick, I like that a LOT. 

  4. PaladinO

    I didn’t think I’d like this boat because of the external looks, but it
    looks amazing inside and the performance is unbelievable.

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