Brad Created An Unbeatable Record

Brad Kellett is going to set a record in 72nd Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

By racing in the event he will become the youngest sailor in 25 consecutive editions to compete.

“Doing 25 races is truly a milestone and I dream of achieving it when I started my sailing career as a young sailor. But, achieving this goal was easy; I had dreamt of it, but haven’t thought of doing it this way. When I started, I had targeted and it started to come up to touch the number of 25, I thought may I be will do it and now I am really happy and looking forward to do it.”

Brad said this will be a forever record and it could not be broken. Reason for the same is Brad very young when he did his first race. He was just 16 years old. Now, the criterion for racing in the event has changed, one cannot run the race before 18.

It is not like Brad has this sailing passion on its own, but sailing is in his blood. He is the son of renowned sailor David Kellett who is the great figures of the modern Sydney Hobart.

The record making moment of Brad will be an equally proud moment for father Kellett, recollecting his thought David said “Brad was a small boy to take an interest in sailing, but he took an interest in it and he used to come with me everywhere, from the age of 10 years he was used to come on aboard when we do racing.” He said, ‘In Tall Ships race 1988 the requirement of the race was half crew on board had to be between 16 and 21 years. Brad was 11 that time, but I committed him to allow sailing when he will turn 16. And on his 16th birthday; he himself declared ‘I am ready for race.”