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Alinghi And Red Bull Upset

When the collision between Alinghi and Red Bull team occurred, Alinghi’s GC32 was towed back to the dock where their shore crew began work repairing it, but they face a race against time to get it ready for the Act 6 finale tomorrow.

Alinghi was awarded redress for the incident, which sees them retain the overall lead ahead of Oman Air, Red Bull Sailing Team and SAP Extreme Sailing Team. The Red Bull Sailing team was judged by the umpires to have been at fault for the incident. They have been given a penalty of fifteen seconds before they start their fourth race. However, even then they managed to retain third place between Oman Air and SAP Extreme sailing team.

On the other hand Morgan Larson of Oman Air and the SAP Extreme Sailing team made the most of the misfortune that Alinghi suffered. Each team got two wins as a result. Continue reading

Senseless arson attack is the newest setback for remaking Christchurch yacht club

The premises of the Pleasant Point Yacht Club suffered smoke and fire damage from a surmised arson at the South New Brighton Park container storage facility. Christchurch’s Pleasant Point Yacht Club’s old facilities at the Rat Island, located next to South New Brighton Bridge, were demolished in Canterbury’s earthquakes, around 5 years ago.
It made temporary facilities at the South New Brighton Park around 3 years back, utilizing 5 shipping containers for rescue boat and dinghy storage. Alastair Burgess, the club commodore, told that a suspicious fire earlier on Tuesday had induced between $10000 and $15000 of damage, and it happened as the club was attempting to save money for a brand new facility.
Burgess added that he believed that this is a pretty low-down thing to do for a community sports club who is attempting to establish a little bit of brightness and a bit of sparkle in the eastern suburbs. They have been working for the past 5 years to get them to the stage where they could make a new purpose-built yacht club in South New Brighton to back the local community as well as reinvest the funds which their club has gathered over the past ninety-five years actually in the area.

Continue reading

Seaman on dredger sentenced following Felixstowe yacht collision

A primary mate on a five-thousand-ton dredger has been handed a suspended sentence after his boat hit a boat on which a woman drowned. Fifty-seven year old Bernadine Ingram was encountered in the water a day after the event near Felixstowe in Suffolk earlier in June.

At the Ipswich Crown Court in Gerardus Chapel, from Netherlands, accepted failing to drop off all his responsibilities in a proper as officer of the watch. The thirty-seven year old was sentenced to 6 months jail and he was suspended for 18 months.

Chapel was on the Shoreway went it clashed with the yacht, named Orca, about 5 miles (i.e.8 kilometers) off the coast. In fact, he was also fines £ 6000 and ordered to pay costs of £ 4800. Butley’s Mrs Ingram was on board the Orca with a man as well as 2 dogs.

The boat sank and when the man and a dog were rescued by the yacht crew of the dredger, she was not alive. According to reports, Peter Ingram told that nothing could bring back his wife Bernie. She is sorely missed by him as well as several other people. Continue reading

McDowall and Salerman Honored at 2014 Royal Yachting Association Volunteer Awards

Ian McDowall of Earlswood lakes Sailing Club was the recipient of RYA Outstanding contribution Award on Friday, 21st November.

The award was given solely on the basis of commitment and contribution to the sport of sailing. There were altogether 47 winners and McDowall was one of them.

Princess Royal who is also the president of Royal Yachting Association gave McDowall a certificate and a medal. The awards ceremony took place at One Great George Street in Westminster. Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne and other guests praised the volunteers for their contribution to the sport. Princess Royal said that in order to continue, a sport has to be entertaining for everyone involved in it and she also expressed her gratitude to the volunteers for still retaining the entertainment aspect of the sport. She also praised the volunteers for their professionalism and quality of their duty.

Royal Yachting Association’s Sport Development Manager, Mr. Duncan Trusswell said that the award is meant to celebrate the contribution of a huge number of volunteers. He said that Volunteers are an integral part of the sport of Sailing and further added that it is only because of them that many Yachting Clubs and events still manage to continue. He also said that it is only because of the volunteers of sailing that the others get to sail. Trusswell said that the event is meant to express the gratitude for the volunteers due to whom individuals manage to get in the water every week. He also praised the Volunteers for their dedication to the sport.

Alan Salerman of Arden Sailing club was also honored by Princess royal for his contribution to the sport. Salerman was given the Royal Yachting Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Her Royal Highness also presented Salerman with a medal and a certificate.

The Royal Yachting association was established in the year 1875 and is Britain’s national governing body for all kinds of boating sports.