Alinghi And Red Bull Upset

When the collision between Alinghi and Red Bull team occurred, Alinghi’s GC32 was towed back to the dock where their shore crew began work repairing it, but they face a race against time to get it ready for the Act 6 finale tomorrow.

Alinghi was awarded redress for the incident, which sees them retain the overall lead ahead of Oman Air, Red Bull Sailing Team and SAP Extreme Sailing Team. The Red Bull Sailing team was judged by the umpires to have been at fault for the incident. They have been given a penalty of fifteen seconds before they start their fourth race. However, even then they managed to retain third place between Oman Air and SAP Extreme sailing team.

On the other hand Morgan Larson of Oman Air and the SAP Extreme Sailing team made the most of the misfortune that Alinghi suffered. Each team got two wins as a result.

The breeze built up to 12 knots. That allowed the teams to push their foil based catamarans to perform at high speed. This helped to provide a real show for the crowds that were lining up the shores. Oman Air moves into the finale and they trail Alinghi by about five points. The Red Bull Sailing team has been pushed by in their total by about four points. However the last race will lead to double points for all teams. Hence, the leader board is yet to be decided. Larson stated that they did miss out on a few things, but they were able to achieve what they wanted. In general the teams are looking forward to having a fun though tough racing the next day, which would be the final day of the act. It would definitely be exciting for the fans as the competition heats up for the final day.